The Sexy Accident

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Champagne Babycakes

Kansas City's The Sexy Accident plays mercurial pop of brains and heart "driven by catchy melodies and smart, real-life lyric writing." (The Big Takeover) The band's sixth long-player, Champagne Babycakes, is the world’s first album released as a card game.

Each copy of Champagne Babycakes includes a complete game deck of 54 cards illustrated by Gavin Snider and twelve songs written by Sexy Accident bandleader Jesse Kates. Champagne Babycakes was produced by Seattle legend Steve Fisk (Car Seat Headrest, Low, Unwound, Nirvana, Pigeonhed, The Wedding Present).

The songs of Champagne Babycakes are hefty yet compact, like a deck of cards, and reflect Kates’ mainstay themes of romance and family life. Sonically, the album echoes and amplifies features of The Sexy Accident’s prior work, including the groove of Ninja Ninja Fight Darth Vader, the layering of Lavender 3, the squall of Mantoloking, and the dynamics of Kinda Like Fireworks.

Lavender 3 (2013)

Like Champagne Babycakes, The Sexy Accident’s fifth release isn’t a typical record. To deliver tactile pleasure with the ease of downloads, the band created a pop album as a hardback book.

Lavender 3 is a nine-inch square, 48-page, silver cloth-covered, smythe-sewn, silk-screened book brimming with lyrics, paintings, illustrations, interviews and commentary, including works by Blue Gallery painter Bernal Koehrsen, Carnegie Mellon poet Jim Daniels.

Lavender 3 comprises twelve love songs marinated in strings, keyboards and alternate-tuned guitars. The tracks guest star Laurel Parks and Sascha Groschang of string ensemble The Wires, and Sean Nelson of Harvey Danger, among others.


In 2005, after years of spinning wordless tales with Pittsburgh, PA-based instrumental band Whitford, Jesse Kates decided to sing. Jesse had recently relocated to Kansas City for a day job and needed co-conspirators. A search of nearby cubicles revealed Dan Weller, the bass-playing spouse of a market researcher, and Craig used his list to find Billy Brown, the band's first drummer.

Musicians assembled, Jesse began to write. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University's Creative Writing program, Jesse remains influenced by a mantra of the faculty - have the courage to be clear - to this day. As the only permanent band member, The Sexy Accident remains unavoidably Jesse-centric, yet the sonics transform from album to album, showcasing the strengths of each lineup.

Key Lineups

now Jesse Kates, Ramone Hall, Jamie Lin, Ryan Leip
2015 Jesse Kates, Dan Diamond, Ramone Hall, Jamie Lin
2013 Jesse Kates, Daniel Torrence, Camry Ivory, Kristin Smith, Mark Hamblin
2010 Jesse Kates, Daniel Torrence, Camry Ivory, Mark Hamblin
2009 Jesse Kates, Daniel Torrence, Chad Toney, Pat Padgett
2007 Jesse Kates, Pat Fent, Daniel Torrence
2005 Jesse Kates, Billy Brown, Dan Weller